Samuel + Hannah Jackson | Portland Wedding Planner | Winter Wedding | January 2017 |

Excited to be sharing Samuel + Hannah's wedding video today! This video tells such a fun story - it is captivating, romantic, fun and truly shows the feel of the day. Hannah and Samuel were surrounded by some awesome people - you see that shine in this video! It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this winter wedding day - the snow was crazy!! Be sure to check out photos from their day at Sweetlife Photography's Facebook Page! They have also shared many sneak peaks on their Instagram account - excited to see where this one is published!





Videography | Mawwiage Films
Photography | Sweetlife Photography
Coordination | Ginger + You Events
Venue | The Evergreen
Florals | Swoon Floral Design
MUAH | Portland Makeup and Hair
Dress: "Raleigh" by Maggie Sottero Designs
Bridal Boutique: Charlottes Weddings
Rentals: The Party Place
Specialty Rentals: Something Borrowed PDX
Invitation: Crane & Co. from Paperless Post
Hand Lettering: HeyHalle
Catering: Cheryl's on 12th
DJ: John Ross Music
Getting Ready Hotel: The Sentinel

Ginger and You Weddings and Events | Wedding Coordinator | Oregon Weddings | Rebrand

This day is finally here! I am launching my NEW NAME and new branding! I have been so excited to say goodbye to Lee Lee Ree Events and welcome Ginger + You! Re-branding is quite the task that takes a lot of time, effort and attention to detail. I received help from incredible people like Beth Carrillo with Painted Pallet (who also happens to be one of our team members), as well as Hailey Ulrich of HMU Designs in Colorado. 

So why the name change?

Well, first of all, Lee Lee Ree was a tongue-twister (am I right?) I also felt my business needed a new platform as my little coordination business continues to grow and grow. I have been so thankful for the business Lee Lee Ree has brought into my life, and am excited to see where Ginger + You takes me next! 

Second of all, naming your business is [difficult] and super important. It needs to convey who you are, what you do and what you're about. Now, I don't think you get all of that from two little words with an "and" in the middle, but I do think it leads to something more... 

BEING A GINGER means I am a red head. Natural, authentic and real down-to-my-roots (literal roots too, #nodye). I am spunky, outgoing, considerate, passionate, bold, motivated, a doer and someone who makes things happen. As I don't look like anyone in my immediate family, my limited knowledge of genetics leads me to believe I got my red hair from my Grandmother. I like to think I get to live a piece of her legacy through my red, curly locks. 

BEING INVOLVED WITH YOU means that I am with you, by you and for you during our time together. You come to me because you have an event to plan and you need some help. Events are awesome because it means we are gathering people together (sometimes lots of people) to celebrate. There is a lot to celebrate in life and thus, events are necessity. I come alongside YOU to assist in making sure you have your bases covered, you know how you are feeding your guests, where they will sit, what they will enjoy and how they will spend their time at your event. This often takes the form of a wedding (which is just great, because I love weddings). 

I love weddings because I love getting to take part in seeing two people commit their lives to each other. Deciding that they are completely and wholly devoted to each other for life. Marriage is an epic experience, something I truly believe in, and love getting to take part in the first step - a wicked awesome celebration.

Being able to come alongside a bride and groom, or business owner, or family to assist in event logistics and coordinating the actual day means I have the honor of serving you. Ginger and You is about serving and serving well. Running a small business is hard work and takes a lot, but the foundation is service. 

This GINGER is here to serve YOU at your WEDDING or EVENT! 

Thanks for stopping by and taking a second to get to know Ginger + You. We hope you enjoyed your time on our site and we hope to hear from you soon!


| E N J O Y |


The Day Designer | Daily Planner | The Best Planner | How to Play Your Day | Using the Day Designer

Whitney English knows what's up when it comes to planning your day, planning your week, planning your months, setting goals for the year. We all sit down and want to make the most of our days - time goes by so fast! Whitney has done a ton of research to back up her Day Designer. Her research has proven why her Day Designer works to help organize and prioritize your days, months & overall year! 

  via Leann's iPhone

via Leann's iPhone

I continually have about 27 things going on at one time, while there's about 12 others going on in the background and 6 others that are lingering in the forefront of my mind. Somedays go so well. I feel on-top-of-it, ready to go, organized and on-task. Other days I feel I do not know where to start. I am not sure what is priority and what should happen before this other thing happens... 

Finding The Day Designer has helped in INCREDIBLE ways! It has helped guide me to recognize what my overall goals and desires are for the 2016 year. Based on these goals, I can easily break down my monthly goals, which trickle down into what needs to happen each day. Following the easy day-to-day guides on each page leads me through my work day and helps me accomplish all that I need to. 

   via Leann's iPhone

via Leann's iPhone

   via Leann's iPhone

via Leann's iPhone

   via Leann's iPhone

via Leann's iPhone

   via Leann's iPhone

via Leann's iPhone

There are a TON of planners out there - maybe that even feels overwhelming! How do I choose the right planner?! How do I even USE a planner?! Sure they're cute and look stylish as I take a pic of it on my desk and post it to Instagram... but is there anything in that planner? Do I even know how to organize my day...? 

I'm with you. I have felt those same things! 

But I'm here to tell you that The Day Designer works to help ORGANIZE your thoughts. PRIORITIZE your tasks. And set GOALS to remember what you're working toward. I will be posting more about this planner to discuss how to best utilize these tools and how they are helping me and my business. You can find out more on or at - these sites are here to help and guide you! 

  via Leann's iPhone

via Leann's iPhone

   via Leann's iPhone  | Sample of the first pages that lead you through goal setting - how to make it manageable and make sense to you and your business / daily life!

via Leann's iPhone | Sample of the first pages that lead you through goal setting - how to make it manageable and make sense to you and your business / daily life!

  via Leann's iPhone  | This photo shows what each Daily Page looks like: Todays' Top Three tasks, List of Today's Happenings, To Do List, What's for Dinner, Don't Forget!, Due (like projects & bills), and Dollars (things you need to spend today or money coming in!) 

via Leann's iPhone | This photo shows what each Daily Page looks like: Todays' Top Three tasks, List of Today's Happenings, To Do List, What's for Dinner, Don't Forget!, Due (like projects & bills), and Dollars (things you need to spend today or money coming in!) 

  via Leann's iPhone  | Yes I have to write down to remember to text my mom - Days can get CRAZY! You understand....

via Leann's iPhone | Yes I have to write down to remember to text my mom - Days can get CRAZY! You understand....

If you mosey on over to my {instagram} you will find I am GIVING AWAY a Day Designer this week! Check it out by finding me on Instagram @leelee_ree

  via Leann's iPhone

via Leann's iPhone

Best of luck as you continue to determine what will work best for planning your days, organizing your months and setting attainable goals for the overall year. 



| E N J OY |

Lee Lee Ree

A Tin Roof Barn | Barn Wedding | PNW Coordinator | PNW Wedding Venue | Wedding Coordination | Outdoor Wedding | Rustic Venue

 via Leann's iPhone

via Leann's iPhone

I have be collaborating with Niki Rhodes Photography for a few months now, working on a new project we can't wait to come to life in May! As we dreamed up our mood board with, yes, moody florals & dark color pallets, we knew we wanted something rustic and chic. Niki happened upon A Tin Roof Barn - conveniently located in Stevenson, WA - just about an hour from Portland, OR. 

After viewing the property on a windy and rainy morning, we knew this was the place. Kelly, the property & event manager, was quickly on-board and we couldn't be happier! As I am currently working to finalize the design of the shoot & the layout of a few different sets, I had to stop and blog about this glorious property. 

Many brides want a barn wedding, and A Tin Roof Barn is ABSOLUTELY where you should look. And here are 5 reasons why....

1. It's the ideal balance of rustic,
scenic & chic: 

The barn is literally 100 years old. Natural light pours in through the walls of the barn as the old wood cracks and pulls apart. There are incredible views of Mt. Hood, apple orchards, forest and wide expanses at every angle. You feel like you're in the middle of nowhere, but you are in fact somewhere (and somewhere awesome, mind you). The Barn is chic with a new concrete floor, schnazzy bar area, vintage tables, vintage chairs & oh-so-chic mix-and-match china for your 150 guests. 

2. Schnazzy Bar

 via Leann's iPhone

via Leann's iPhone

Say that out loud - Schnazzy. The bar is fantastic. You always want a cool bar for your wedding, but sometimes you can't find one or you just can't find the funds in your budget to rent one. This bar is built in, it's awesome, rustic and gives an old-time charm as your guests wait for a pint from the two built-in taps. The Bar comes with a leather couch & matching chair - you can smell it now, can't you? The furniture is included. Once again... included.

3. On-site running water bathrooms 

Bathrooms are one of the most important parts to a wedding reception. And if you're wanting an outdoor wedding, you have to think about bathrooms. There are so many portable restroom rental companies out there - but who wants to spend a couple thousand dollars on the bathrooms?! No bride I know. That's why the third most awesome part about A Tin Roof Barn is the ladies restroom and mens restroom. Just out the back door of the barn are restrooms with multiple stalls, a vanity, sinks with running water & a mirror to powder your nose. Your guests don't have to go far and BONUS - the bathrooms look just like a cute cabin behind the barn. No bright turquoise port-a-potty plastic around these parts.

4. Bridal Suite + Groom's Changing Room
= A House

Many venues don't have the luxury of a ton of space. Therefore the most room is given for the bridal suite, and the groom gets the closet that they shoved a poker table and a small tv into... because every groom wants to play poker and watch tv before he gets married? Anyway. There is a house on property where the Bride, Groom, their parties & families can get ready. It's right on site - which is every coordinators dream! No stress about who is driving what and when you're arriving and who will bring this and that and don't forget.... fill in the blank. You load up your cars once, go to the venue, go to your house and get pretty. With lots of room, the ladies will be able to sprawl out with their curling irons, floor length mirrors and have plenty of space to hang their dresses - YES!

5. The owner's make you feel like family

This property is a family property. The owner got married here herself and decided it needed to be opened up for the public to enjoy. Deep within the walls of that barn and out into the pastures are family memories, moments they'll never forget and sounds that bring those warm fuzzy feelings whenever the sun sets. This property is rich with family history and they are inviting their couples to take part in that. Once you become married, you have joined a new family; it's only fitting that the place you got married is inviting you into their legacy as well. 

I can't WAIT to celebrate some of my clients who will be getting married at A Tin Roof Barn in 2016! A Tin Roof Barn is a dream location for a coordinator with so many amenities built in and conveniences that allow for happy clients and smooth transitions! If you're interested in booking with A Tin Roof Barn, click here! And if you're hoping to chat about event coordination with A Tin Roof Barn, contact me! Look forward to hearing from you soon - and if not, I hope your barn wedding is a true success!!


| E N J O Y |

Lee Lee Ree

| Coordination Film |

I am so excited to officially launch my coordination video made my WATERTOWN FILMS! This has been such a fun adventure - we started working on this project at the beginning of the summer! My vision for this film was to show prospective clients what it is I do - you'll see me explaining my services, meeting with brides, actually working at a wedding I coordinated in June, as well as hearing from clients I have worked with! I hope you see little snippets of my personality throughout - as that is sure to come in our time together :)

| E N J O Y |

The Carelles

What a sweet wedding to be a part of. Katie & Jack have a love about that them is unparalleled. They are vibrant, spunky and down-right goofy. Which only accentuates the deep love and devotion they have for each other. I had the pleasure of serving at a Young Life camp with both the bride and groom, so it was just an honor to come alongside them as they became man and wife.

Their wedding was August 29th... What was supposed to be a beautiful, hot and sunny Saturday evening. But Oregon does what it wants and brings the rain when we least expect it. We got a last minute tent and had all-hands-on-deck to help with the set-up and stake-down (that wind was a-blowin'!)

Working with Olivia Strohm Photography for this wedding was a first and an absolute delight! And as you will see - the photos are just exquisite! Some of my favorite moments from this wedding were how hilarious the bride and groom were during their ceremony, hearing the bride yell "We are totally married right now" as they exited the aisle, the best man speech (thank you Phil Zahn), and the wicked awesome sick nasty sweet dancing that took place for hours. 

Thanks for letting me be a part of the party! With the crazy weather, some last minute changes and glorious cupcake tiers - it was something to write home about!

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S    J A C K    &     K A T I E  !!

Check out Olivia Strohm Photography HERE

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Calling a Spade, a Spade

I have found to be a new-found glorious enemy... to my wallet. This F A B U L O U S idea of being able to follow our beloved fashionistas online and never have to comment, "Hey girl! Where did you get that?" Simply sign up on their site and when you double-tap their photo, you get outfit details & links to purchase the same, or similar, items. 

Love. Love. Love. 

Many of the lovelies I follow on Instagram shop at Kate Spade... Divine. As I'm sitting at my computer this afternoon perusing Kate Spade's site, I decided to put together a Wish List! This wish list is a lot of what I would need as a Wedding Coordinator! All of the simple dresses or pants (with pockets - of course!), note books, paper clips, watches, clutches, bags, iPhone cases... Ah, the wishes could go on and on.

You can always count on me being organized - always having my notes with me, timeline updated, knowing what time it is, having emergency kit items at the ready and my phone just a pocket away!

I have put it up for you to see what I need as I help organize your day and what I use (and may look like...) on the actual wedding day! 

kate spade, you truly are lovely. 


| Delight & Enjoy |

Lee Lee Ree

| T W O T H I N G S | a wedding should not go without...

Hello lovely, great to see you! 

I am writing today about two things I would never want a bride to go without: coordination & videography. If you're married, I know what you're thinking... Something along the lines of:


"I know! I am so glad I had a videographer & someone to make everything work!"

"It's the biggest thing I regret...I wish I had a video."

"If I would have had a coordinator, my mom probably would have enjoyed the day more..."


I cannot tell you how many times I have been to a wedding and you can just tell there is no coordinator. Things are not going to plan, guests feel awkward and uncertain of what to do. There is a lack of flow and direction. And you might say, "Well of course, YOU would notice that..." And that may be true! But I have heard this feedback from countless friends (and clients) because they attended a wedding without a coordinator - A N D  N O T I C E D.

The day-of is important - because it's the big day. The ONE day you have been waiting for. But what about after the big day? What about when those 8 hours are over and all of the planning and execution and wearing The Dress is over? (sad face)

This is where a wedding video comes in - to allow you to remember this day forever, and go back into the giddy feelings of waking up on your wedding day, putting your dress on for the first time, watching your groom cry as he opens your gift before seeing you, and watching your dad walk you down the aisle. Videography is essential because it's the only piece of the wedding celebration that lasts. Your flowers fade, your food is consumed and you no longer have a place to wear your dress... A wedding video is the O N L Y aspect that will last...

 Craig Flood |  Watertown Films

Craig Flood | Watertown Films

 Nicole Flood |  Watertown Films

Nicole Flood | Watertown Films

well.... except your love. A wedding coordinator and videographer can't do anything about that, that's all you (pound it)

Being able to see who was at your wedding, hear their voice and watch them dance! Getting to watch your face as you walk down the aisle toward your man; hearing your sister give a speech and your dad cry because he can't believe it's the day he's giving you away. Photographers can capture emotion, but videography allows you to  S E E  and  E X P E R I E N C E  it (over and over).

If I can encourage any bride, it's like this: I understand you have a budget, and those constraints are real! I want to be with you during this and help you through decision-making! Because one decision that needs to be on any budget is videography... and coordination, of course! 

| Preview a couple more videos below |

 Ian & Megan Swanson |  Couture Motion Pictures

Ian & Megan Swanson | Couture Motion Pictures

| B E  D E L I G H T E D  &  E N J O Y |

Lee Lee Ree

Sarah & Tom

                       Photo | Juan Kis of  Powers Studios 

                      Photo | Juan Kis of Powers Studios 

Sarah & Tom were married on June 13, 2015 - it was such a delightful event to be a part of! They are a couple who simply adore each other; they understand what it looks like to be committed to each other through ups & downs, successes & failures and truly just know how to enjoy each other's company. Their love was vibrant (kind of like those hydrangea bouquets from Bella Bloom Floral!) and the party was rockin'.

Set at the beautiful Foundry at Oswego Pointe, the couple danced, drank and toasted with some of the sweetest and bubbly crowd surrounding them. 

What I love about my job is details. Through and through - it's the details that get my blood pumping. But when it comes time for the toasts, things are dwindling for me. As the timing of things has somewhat been completed, this is where I get to sit back and listen. I listen to what the best man and maid of honor, and often a parent or two, have to say about the lovely bride and groom - and it is more often than not very moving (and hilarious!)

What the people had to say about these two made me laugh and cry. I know it's cliche, and I don't care, because it's true! I stood in the background, behind the steak & salmon, listening to descriptions, stories, memories and future hopes for the couple. And this is why I love weddings, adore marriage and want the best for my clients. Because relationship is beautiful and moves the soul - especially on a wedding day.

Thank you, Sarah & Tom, for having me be a part of your E X C E L L E N T vendor team! It was an honor to help execute your details. Your wedding was truly flawless and I had the best time. 

| E N J O Y |

Lee Lee Ree

Click the image below to scroll through a preview of Sarah & Tom's wedding photos 

| V E N D O R   T E A M |

Venue: The Foundry at Oswego Pointe 
Caterer: Premiere Catering
Florist: Bella Bloom Florals
Photography: Juan Kis of Powers Studios
Videographer: Couture Motion Pictures
Coordinator: Yours Truly
DJ: All Wright Music
Rentals: Barclay Event Rental