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I am writing today about two things I would never want a bride to go without: coordination & videography. If you're married, I know what you're thinking... Something along the lines of:


"I know! I am so glad I had a videographer & someone to make everything work!"

"It's the biggest thing I regret...I wish I had a video."

"If I would have had a coordinator, my mom probably would have enjoyed the day more..."


I cannot tell you how many times I have been to a wedding and you can just tell there is no coordinator. Things are not going to plan, guests feel awkward and uncertain of what to do. There is a lack of flow and direction. And you might say, "Well of course, YOU would notice that..." And that may be true! But I have heard this feedback from countless friends (and clients) because they attended a wedding without a coordinator - A N D  N O T I C E D.

The day-of is important - because it's the big day. The ONE day you have been waiting for. But what about after the big day? What about when those 8 hours are over and all of the planning and execution and wearing The Dress is over? (sad face)

This is where a wedding video comes in - to allow you to remember this day forever, and go back into the giddy feelings of waking up on your wedding day, putting your dress on for the first time, watching your groom cry as he opens your gift before seeing you, and watching your dad walk you down the aisle. Videography is essential because it's the only piece of the wedding celebration that lasts. Your flowers fade, your food is consumed and you no longer have a place to wear your dress... A wedding video is the O N L Y aspect that will last...

 Craig Flood |  Watertown Films

Craig Flood | Watertown Films

 Nicole Flood |  Watertown Films

Nicole Flood | Watertown Films

well.... except your love. A wedding coordinator and videographer can't do anything about that, that's all you (pound it)

Being able to see who was at your wedding, hear their voice and watch them dance! Getting to watch your face as you walk down the aisle toward your man; hearing your sister give a speech and your dad cry because he can't believe it's the day he's giving you away. Photographers can capture emotion, but videography allows you to  S E E  and  E X P E R I E N C E  it (over and over).

If I can encourage any bride, it's like this: I understand you have a budget, and those constraints are real! I want to be with you during this and help you through decision-making! Because one decision that needs to be on any budget is videography... and coordination, of course! 

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 Ian & Megan Swanson |  Couture Motion Pictures

Ian & Megan Swanson | Couture Motion Pictures

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