Calling a Spade, a Spade

I have found to be a new-found glorious enemy... to my wallet. This F A B U L O U S idea of being able to follow our beloved fashionistas online and never have to comment, "Hey girl! Where did you get that?" Simply sign up on their site and when you double-tap their photo, you get outfit details & links to purchase the same, or similar, items. 

Love. Love. Love. 

Many of the lovelies I follow on Instagram shop at Kate Spade... Divine. As I'm sitting at my computer this afternoon perusing Kate Spade's site, I decided to put together a Wish List! This wish list is a lot of what I would need as a Wedding Coordinator! All of the simple dresses or pants (with pockets - of course!), note books, paper clips, watches, clutches, bags, iPhone cases... Ah, the wishes could go on and on.

You can always count on me being organized - always having my notes with me, timeline updated, knowing what time it is, having emergency kit items at the ready and my phone just a pocket away!

I have put it up for you to see what I need as I help organize your day and what I use (and may look like...) on the actual wedding day! 

kate spade, you truly are lovely. 


| Delight & Enjoy |

Lee Lee Ree