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 via Leann's iPhone

via Leann's iPhone

I have be collaborating with Niki Rhodes Photography for a few months now, working on a new project we can't wait to come to life in May! As we dreamed up our mood board with, yes, moody florals & dark color pallets, we knew we wanted something rustic and chic. Niki happened upon A Tin Roof Barn - conveniently located in Stevenson, WA - just about an hour from Portland, OR. 

After viewing the property on a windy and rainy morning, we knew this was the place. Kelly, the property & event manager, was quickly on-board and we couldn't be happier! As I am currently working to finalize the design of the shoot & the layout of a few different sets, I had to stop and blog about this glorious property. 

Many brides want a barn wedding, and A Tin Roof Barn is ABSOLUTELY where you should look. And here are 5 reasons why....

1. It's the ideal balance of rustic,
scenic & chic: 

The barn is literally 100 years old. Natural light pours in through the walls of the barn as the old wood cracks and pulls apart. There are incredible views of Mt. Hood, apple orchards, forest and wide expanses at every angle. You feel like you're in the middle of nowhere, but you are in fact somewhere (and somewhere awesome, mind you). The Barn is chic with a new concrete floor, schnazzy bar area, vintage tables, vintage chairs & oh-so-chic mix-and-match china for your 150 guests. 

2. Schnazzy Bar

 via Leann's iPhone

via Leann's iPhone

Say that out loud - Schnazzy. The bar is fantastic. You always want a cool bar for your wedding, but sometimes you can't find one or you just can't find the funds in your budget to rent one. This bar is built in, it's awesome, rustic and gives an old-time charm as your guests wait for a pint from the two built-in taps. The Bar comes with a leather couch & matching chair - you can smell it now, can't you? The furniture is included. Once again... included.

3. On-site running water bathrooms 

Bathrooms are one of the most important parts to a wedding reception. And if you're wanting an outdoor wedding, you have to think about bathrooms. There are so many portable restroom rental companies out there - but who wants to spend a couple thousand dollars on the bathrooms?! No bride I know. That's why the third most awesome part about A Tin Roof Barn is the ladies restroom and mens restroom. Just out the back door of the barn are restrooms with multiple stalls, a vanity, sinks with running water & a mirror to powder your nose. Your guests don't have to go far and BONUS - the bathrooms look just like a cute cabin behind the barn. No bright turquoise port-a-potty plastic around these parts.

4. Bridal Suite + Groom's Changing Room
= A House

Many venues don't have the luxury of a ton of space. Therefore the most room is given for the bridal suite, and the groom gets the closet that they shoved a poker table and a small tv into... because every groom wants to play poker and watch tv before he gets married? Anyway. There is a house on property where the Bride, Groom, their parties & families can get ready. It's right on site - which is every coordinators dream! No stress about who is driving what and when you're arriving and who will bring this and that and don't forget.... fill in the blank. You load up your cars once, go to the venue, go to your house and get pretty. With lots of room, the ladies will be able to sprawl out with their curling irons, floor length mirrors and have plenty of space to hang their dresses - YES!

5. The owner's make you feel like family

This property is a family property. The owner got married here herself and decided it needed to be opened up for the public to enjoy. Deep within the walls of that barn and out into the pastures are family memories, moments they'll never forget and sounds that bring those warm fuzzy feelings whenever the sun sets. This property is rich with family history and they are inviting their couples to take part in that. Once you become married, you have joined a new family; it's only fitting that the place you got married is inviting you into their legacy as well. 

I can't WAIT to celebrate some of my clients who will be getting married at A Tin Roof Barn in 2016! A Tin Roof Barn is a dream location for a coordinator with so many amenities built in and conveniences that allow for happy clients and smooth transitions! If you're interested in booking with A Tin Roof Barn, click here! And if you're hoping to chat about event coordination with A Tin Roof Barn, contact me! Look forward to hearing from you soon - and if not, I hope your barn wedding is a true success!!


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