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This day is finally here! I am launching my NEW NAME and new branding! I have been so excited to say goodbye to Lee Lee Ree Events and welcome Ginger + You! Re-branding is quite the task that takes a lot of time, effort and attention to detail. I received help from incredible people like Beth Carrillo with Painted Pallet (who also happens to be one of our team members), as well as Hailey Ulrich of HMU Designs in Colorado. 

So why the name change?

Well, first of all, Lee Lee Ree was a tongue-twister (am I right?) I also felt my business needed a new platform as my little coordination business continues to grow and grow. I have been so thankful for the business Lee Lee Ree has brought into my life, and am excited to see where Ginger + You takes me next! 

Second of all, naming your business is [difficult] and super important. It needs to convey who you are, what you do and what you're about. Now, I don't think you get all of that from two little words with an "and" in the middle, but I do think it leads to something more... 

BEING A GINGER means I am a red head. Natural, authentic and real down-to-my-roots (literal roots too, #nodye). I am spunky, outgoing, considerate, passionate, bold, motivated, a doer and someone who makes things happen. As I don't look like anyone in my immediate family, my limited knowledge of genetics leads me to believe I got my red hair from my Grandmother. I like to think I get to live a piece of her legacy through my red, curly locks. 

BEING INVOLVED WITH YOU means that I am with you, by you and for you during our time together. You come to me because you have an event to plan and you need some help. Events are awesome because it means we are gathering people together (sometimes lots of people) to celebrate. There is a lot to celebrate in life and thus, events are necessity. I come alongside YOU to assist in making sure you have your bases covered, you know how you are feeding your guests, where they will sit, what they will enjoy and how they will spend their time at your event. This often takes the form of a wedding (which is just great, because I love weddings). 

I love weddings because I love getting to take part in seeing two people commit their lives to each other. Deciding that they are completely and wholly devoted to each other for life. Marriage is an epic experience, something I truly believe in, and love getting to take part in the first step - a wicked awesome celebration.

Being able to come alongside a bride and groom, or business owner, or family to assist in event logistics and coordinating the actual day means I have the honor of serving you. Ginger and You is about serving and serving well. Running a small business is hard work and takes a lot, but the foundation is service. 

This GINGER is here to serve YOU at your WEDDING or EVENT! 

Thanks for stopping by and taking a second to get to know Ginger + You. We hope you enjoyed your time on our site and we hope to hear from you soon!


| E N J O Y |